What will you watch next?

Finding the next movie or show to watch can be a lottery. Stop wasting your time and let Moovii do the hard work for you. Our clever matching means you will be recommended shows and movies that you will actually like. The more you use Moovii the better the matching will become.

How does it work? Using intelligent analysis and algorithms Moovii finds the next best thing for you to watch by taking your own personal likes and dislikes and matching them with other users who have the same taste as you. No more hoping a movie or show might be good based on its ratings. Your Moovii recommedations are personalised to you. Think of Moovii as the new friend who always recommends great shows and movies that they know you’ll love.

Download Moovii today and spread the word **WARNING – It’s super addictive!

Beth, New York

“Amazing! I used to spend ages looking for new shows to watch. Moovii is super addictive, I love swiping through the different shows and then picking my next binge from the recommendations.”

Ainslie, Edinburgh

“I spend so much time checking ratings on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes and half the time no matter what the rating is the stuff I pick just isn’t for me. With Moovii I love swiping through all the Movies and then checking my recommendations to find what to watch next.”

James, London

“Before Moovii we wasted so much time trying to pick a new show to watch. Most nights we’d spend so long trying to find something that by the time we agreed it was time to go to bed. All the matches Moovii has created for us so far have been great.”

Hallie, Liverpool

“It’s fun, it’s easy and it actually works. Moovii is the only app I use now when trying to find the next thing to watch, it hasn’t let me down yet.”

Jess, San Fransisco

“I love using Moovii, it has so many films and shows that I’d never even heard of and all the stuff it’s recommended I should watch I’ve really enjoyed.”

Renee, LA

“Wow! Finally, recommendations that are actually good. I used to ask friends and colleagues for recommendations of what to watch next, Moovii has even better recommendations than they did.”

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